Information on these pages is the result of many years of casual study.  This means that, unfortunately, it is impossible to give proper credit for every item.  If specific credits are brought to my attention, I will be glad to include them.

Listed below are some sources that I may have used.  Even if I did not use them, they are good sources.

Baur, J. (1967), Revolution and Tradition in Modern American Art (London: Frederick A. Praeger).

Flexner, T. (1970), History of American Art (Mineola, New York: Dover Publications), Vol. I-III.

Morton, R., ed.(1970), Time-Life Library of Art (New York: Time-Life Books).

Art & Man Magazine (Scholastic Art) from Scholastic Inc.

American Art Magazine

Smithsonian Magazine

National Geographic Magazine

TIME Magazine

PBS broadcasts are also great resources

Revised: December 02, 2005.