Here are a few links to related sites:

Free - Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Library of Congress
American Memory (Library of Congress/National Digital Library)
National Archives and Records Administration
Gateway (Houghton Mifflin)
History Channel
Hypertext on American History
Making of America - digital library of primary sources
U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates
Archiving Early America
National Symbols and Songs (Yahoo listing)
The United States Flag Page
University of Oklahoma Law Center (historical documents)
Cultural Maps - University of Virginia
Tales of the Early Republic
C-Span series (presidents)
Time and the Presidency
Uncle Sam
Liberty Bell Virtual Museum
Historic Sound Clips (broken as of 9/15/98)*
Historic Audio Archives
Radio Days
Posters American Style
Colonial American Newspapers (broken as of 2/1/98)*
American Folklife Center
Poetry - (When you reach the home page, scroll down for links to poetry sites)
    *Safe Haven
Cartoons of the Gilded Age and Progressive Period (U. of Ohio)
National Musuem of American History (Smithsonian)
Internet Public Library
Historical Text Archive (private site with pop-up and many cookies)
Presidential Libraries

ArtLex - dictionary of visual art

Native American Fine Arts Movement
American Indian Literature and Culture

American Studies Web - Georgetown
American Civilization Internet Resources - Georgetown
American Studies Yellow Pages - University of Virginia
Michigan State American Studies Resources Links
Bart De Palm's American Art Class
Block's World History Page
Links from H-NET
Glenbow (Canada)
Chico (CA) High School
American Studies Course at Yale
University of Portsmouth list

American Visions - a special series on PBS


Whitney Museum of American Art
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Butler Institute of American Art
Getty Information Institute
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
World Wide Arts Resources
Art Museum Image Consortium

Smithsonian Magazine
National Geographic Magazine
American Art Magazine
American Heritage Magazine

Art History Resources on the Web
Carol Jackson's Art Site
Mother of All Art History Link Pages