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Unit 1

Unit 2
New Nation

Unit 3

Unit 4
Into the 1900s

Unit 5

Unit 6
World War II

Unit 7
Good Times

Unit 8

We are who we are because of the influences which have shaped us, and because of what we have done with those influences.  This effort is dedicated to an examination of some of those influences.

As is true of art, whenever we undertake a study of music history, we seek to develop in three areas:

  • knowledge
  • appreciation
  • like/dislike

The first gathers information about the musicians and their works.  Who did it?   What is is called?

The second strives to understand the setting. Why did the musician choose that subject and treat it in that way?

The third is entirely subjective and rests with the viewer alone.

We'll try to grow in all three areas through these pages.

This project continues to be a work in progress. 


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