South Dakota Artists Unit 12
It would appear that South Dakota has more than its share of talented artists.  This unit highlights past and present artists from South Dakota.

All of the artists in the second category have been very helpful in providing information and images for classroom use.  I would like to express special gratitude to Rosemary Millette, John Green, Bob Hinton and Larry Negaard for taking time to reply to my request for permission to use their images on this site, and for providing updated information.

Special "Thanks!" is also due to Wild Wings for permission to  use copyrighted images.  PLEASE respect the copyrights of these artists and their representatives.

Please note that images on this site are saved in a low resolution to save server space and access time.  Do not judge the quality of an artist's work by the low quality of an internet image.

Check National Wildlife Philatelics for a comprehensive listing of national and state wildlife stamps.

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Harvey Dunn
Oscar Howe

John Green
Bob Hinton
Rosemary Millette
John Moisan
Larry Negaard
Terry Redlin
John Wilson

Images of Federal Waterfowl Stamps

State Waterfowl Stamps

South Dakota Pheasant Stamps