At Home and Abroad Unit 4
Toward the latter part of the 19th Century, many American artists were traveling to Europe in order to learn from the painters there.  Some never moved back.

Others, however, continued to search for inspiration in the American experience.


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Much of the information for this part of the unit came from the lecture notes for LIFE filmstrip "American Painting Part III  1850-1900: Years of Change."  Here is the bibliography for that work.

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The Coming Storm (Whistler) - National Gallery of Art

Artists Who Worked in U.S.
Thomas Eakins
Albert Pinkham Ryder
Winslow Homer

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The Bath (Cassatt) - Art Inst. of Chicago

Expatriate Artists
James A. M. Whistler
Mary Cassatt
John Singer Sargent

American Impressionists
Childe Hassam
J.A. Weir