1) This painter taught "push and pull" and "give arid take."

2) This artist painted squares in squares and was interested in the effects of colors on each other.

3) This painter developed "neoplasticism."

4) This artist sometimes started paintings with rubbings or smeared canvases.

5) This painter from Spain signed thousands of blank sheets of paper.

6) This artist was influenced by Zen Buddhism.

7) This painter from Armenia experienced a tragic life.

8) This patron promoted surrealist art.

9) This author started surrealism.

10) This surrealist later turned to photography.

11) This artist painted objects which looked like bones and amoebas.

12) What was one reason many "modern" artists moved to the U.S. in the 1930s?

13) Name one museum which exhibited modern art.

14) What psychiatrist influenced the art of the 1940s?

15) What name is given to the style of Hofmann, Albers and Mondrian?

16) What name is given to the style of Dali, Ernst, Tobey and Gorkey?