An interesting group of veterans at the Tulsa Reunion was the four Witcher brothers, natives of Virginia, who were together for the first time in twenty-four years. The oldest of the brothers is seventy-nine, while the youngest is seventy-two years old. All of them served in the Confederate Army, as did an older brother, now dead. These four brothers are: J. C. Witcher, of Sherman, Tex., who was with the 11th Texas Cavalry under Joe Wheeler; A. M. Witcher, Liberty Hill, Tex., of the 16th Texas Cavalry, under General Walker; W. C. Witcher, Bells, Tex., and R. E. Witcher, Childress, Tex., who were with Bourland's Regiment in the Texas frontier service. Two of the brothers served throughout the war, the others being in service two and a half and one year, respectively; two of them escaped from prison.  Their father was William Witcher, of Pittsylvania County, Va.