The following article appeared in vol XXI, the March, 1913, issue of "The Confederate Veteran Magazine", page 106.


J. C. Witcher, of Bells, Tex., makes inquiry in regard to the following: While Sherman's army was occupying Atlanta, Shannon's Scouts captured a quartermaster who was a major and about twenty-five Federals inside their lines on Peachtree Creek as they were dressing a beef. The next morning about daylight Comrade Witcher and others started with their prisoners to Union Station, some forty miles away, the nearest railway point where they could be turned over. At Covington that night the citizens fed them and treated them well, but refused to guard the prisoners, who had to be put in jail for safe-keeping. Comrade Witcher hopes to get in communication with that major. He would like to meet him at Gettysburg. He says they were all nice men and gave no trouble.

Note: " him at Gettysburg" refers to the 50th Anniversary reunion that would be held later that summer at the historic battlefield.