Grayson County, Texas
Probate Record Book G
October Term 1867
Page 125

Petition for Letter of Administration
A. M. Witcher Vs. Estate of William Witcher Dec’d

Now at this time comes said A. M. Witcher and it appearing to the Court that legal notice thereof has been given and no objection filed it is ordered that said Petition be granted that said A. M. Witcher enter into bond in the sum of three thousand dollars and that on the filing & approval of said bond that Letters of Administration ipere.

It is further ordered that Joseph Harris, J. R. Proctor and L. J. Williams be appointed appraisers of said Estate.

Grayson County, Texas
Probate Record Book F
December Term 1867
Page 167

William Witcher’s Estate Continued

Also at this time comes A. M. Witcher Adm of said Estate and files his Bond as said Admr praying the Court to approve the same & which was examined approved and ordered to record.

William Witcher’s Estate Continued

Also at this time comes Elizabeth Witcher widow of William Witcher and files her Petition praying the Court to set aside her widows dowry and widows allowance for herself and minor child. It is therefore ordered by the Court that the sum of Two hundred dollars be and the same is hereby set apart for the support of said Elizabeth Witcher and minor child and that she be allowed to take any property to that amount belonging to said Estate at its appraised value.

And it is further ordered and decreed by the Court that all property exempt from Execution and forced sale be and the same are hereby allowed and set apart as her dowry and if the specific articles are not among the effects of said Estate that she be allowed to select other property at lien thereof.