Having lived in Italy for nearly seven years, we have accumulated an appreciable amount of knowledge about the sites, customs and people. Visit us often as we share this information with you.

Many are content to visit a foreign country by staying in "American" hotels, eating "American" meals and traveling with a group of Americans. Upon returning to America, they fancy themselves to be experts on that country.

There are other adventurous folks, however, who prefer to see the country as it really is. Although problems and obstacles abound, they drive a rented car or rely upon public transportation. They stay in the real lodging, they eat the real food and the see the real country. This site will be of interest only to those in this later category.

Beware! Driving in another country is dangerous. Public transportation is crowded and, at times, unreliable. There may be no one around who speaks English. The restaurant or hotel may be closed. (On the whole, however, Italians are very eager to be helpful. Those in smaller cities, at least, will go out of their way in an effort to understand your needs.)

Having given the disclaimers, we must add that the result of REALLY seeing the country makes up for any inconvenience.

A representative in Italy is currently talking with hotels and restaurants in the northeastern part of the country. Please check back often to see what he has found.

Only the brave of heart are encouraged to continue

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