Welcome to this site dedicated to the ancestors of Gary Royal Witcher and Victoria Amy Waddington Witcher.

Originally, the question was how to merge gedcom files from various sources. Then it made more sense to place the works of the different researchers in individual locations to preserve the integrity of their separate efforts.

With the exception of Gary (me) these are SERIOUS researchers. They have put countless hours into researching and organizing mountains of information. Some have published books. Genealogy books may appear at first glance to be a little expensive. When we decide to use our heads, though, we realize that they are great bargins. If over $50 seems like a lot for a 1000-page book representing years of research, try taking a trip to anywhere to do your own research. How much did you say you spent on gas, food and lodging? OK, you want to do your own digging. Compare grubbing aimlessly to digging with the assistance of an extensive guide. You get the picture.

These researchers have agreed to share the fruits of their efforts:

files from Janice Heywood
Books by Lorena Shell Eaker
Book by Rusty Williams
files from Rusty Williams
   Transcription of William Witcher (1808-1864) ) probate
   J.C. Witcher article from the March 1913 issue of The Confederate Veteran Magazine
   Witcher Brothers article from the March 1919 issue of The Confederate Veteran Magazine
Gary Witcher

If you would like to be included, please e-mail me.

Here are existing sites devoted to names from our lines. The ones with the “*” contain information about people definitely related to us.
*Battle of Shallow Ford (Henry Francis)
*Lauva Currier (Whisenant, Neff, etc.)
*Michael Goad – William Witcher Oath of Allegiance
*Items from William Witcher probate (1808) – Anne Nelson
*Ginny Thomison (Witcher)
*Texana Ranch (Witcher)
*Garry Porterfield (Witchers; will of Daniel Witcher 1746-1815)
*Search Texas Archives for Confederate Pension Records (J.C. Witcher)
*William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine (William Witcher)
*Sumner Co. TN Tax Lists (James Wilson 1739-1795)
*Cape Girardeau Co. MO Court Records (Crites, Snider; Davault Crites will)
*Bollinger Mill and Covered Bridge
*Bollinger Mill State Park
*Newlin Grist Mill (“Are We There Yet?”)
*Newlin Grist Mill (Chester County Connect)
*Mendenhall Family Researchers
*The Worrilow Genealogy Page
Wardlaw Genealogy/History/Ancestry (Worrilow?)
Allen Lacy’s Genealogy Page
Lacey Family Homepage
Lacy Genealogy Homepage (search for “Lacy”)
Ludlow Castle (Lacy)
Coat of Arms (Hugues de Lacy)
Thompson One Name Study
Arthur Royall – Royall Surname and Variants
*Sites Relating to Lady Astor (Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor)

There really is no point in inventing the wheel all over again.
I could list dozens of pages of genealogy links, or I could simply point you to Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites.
(O.K. Here are a few more sites that might be useful.  Be advised that some are free while others have fees or other conditions for access.)
Family Derivatives
Family Tree Maker
Online Genealogical Database Index
Surname Web
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild